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All US onAir Hubs US have posts on each state’s Governor, US Senators, and US House members as well as posts on how to register and vote in the upcoming elections. Curated stated Hubs like Virginia onAir also have posts on US House races, other state executives, state senators, and state House members and posts on issues. As a state enlists more curators, posts on city and county representatives and elections will also be started.

Here are a number of quick links to content on this hub: US Senators, US House Members, US Governors,…

For more information, go to the Learn. Discuss. and Engage post.

Some special features of the US onAir network to assist the public in learning more about their representatives, candidates, and the issues are described here.

Democracy onAir

Mission statement:
Democracy onAir, through its easy to use, innovative network of state Hubs and university chapters, organizes students and the general public to become engaged in and impact state and federal politics facilitating a more civil, collaborative and vibrant democracy.

Students manage and curate information and media-rich online places where a state’s residents can learn more about and interact with their representatives and each other on the issues important to them.

Current status and plans:
The United States onAir Hub is the central Hub of a network of state elections and governance Hubs. Democracy onAir’s first pilot state Hubs- Virginia onAir – demonstrates how we will develop, implement and interconnect a network of 50 state Hubs.


Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization provides the web technology and support to create, host, and sustain the state elections and governance hubs.  Democracy onAir also develops and monitors the curation and moderation guidelines for the Hubs and manages the finances for each state hub.

We aim to address the current climate of divisiveness, tribalism, fact-free dialogue, and ad hominem attacks. We also see an opportunity to bring attention to the underserved area of state political issues and governance.

Our mission to promote a more informed, civil, and engaged civil citizenry is implemented by providing citizens in democratic societies easier, faster, and more efficient access to

  • learn about their government, representatives, candidates, and local/regional issues,
  • discuss with their fellow citizens and representatives in civil and dynamic forums, and then
  • engage by voting, advocating for and shaping policy, participating in campaigns, and even running for office.

To learn more about Democracy onAir Directors, go here.

Become an onAir Member

OnAir members will be able to participate in post discussion, give feedback to post moderators as well as be part of an “aircast” audience (i.e. livestreamed, zoom events such as debates, forums, town halls, and interviews).

OnAir members will also have the opportunity to become moderators of one or more posts.

OnAir membership is free!

Any person with a “.edu” email address will have an automatic invitation to become an onAir member. All that is required is to register with your .edu address and your zipcode. This will give you the ability to participate in US onAir and your home state hub’s discussions.

If your state Hub has nonprofit onAir partners, you can get an automatic invitation through your nonprofit membership.

For all other US residents and overseas voters seeking an onAir membership, fill in this simple form that will be emailed to your state’s lead curator e.g.

OnAir university chapters

Each state will have a lead onAir chapter associated with students and faculty at a public university (usually near the state capital city). Most onAir posts will be student moderators and will be identified in the discussion section at the bottom of each curated and moderated post.

Nonprofit partners

US onAir is a network for all US-based organizations who are nonpartisan nonprofits promoting democracy. These organizations will also have the opportunity to share their missions and activities with each other and the public as well as be sponsors of the posts they are most committed to advancing.

Qualifying organizations will be able to provide their members with the opportunity to bemoderator of posts at a federal, state, and/or local level.

A state Hub may have one or more affiliated nonprofit partners like the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and Represent Us.

Members of these nonprofit partners will automatically be invited to become as onAir members and be able to participate in discussions and moderate posts.


US onAir Council

The US onAir Council, a nonprofit nonpartisan board of advisors, will oversee Hub curation guidelines and promote the US onAir Hub to interested people & organizations. The US onAir Council will also work to identify and hire state Executive Directors and to create state onAir Councils.

The US onAir Executive Director will assemble the council members to include: a Democrat and Republican representative, a representative from a major partner, a student Chapter president and faculty advisor, onAir chapter, online media executive, and an interested US residents.



OnAir membership is required.  The lead Moderator for the discussions is Todd Gillette.
We encourage civil, honest, and safe discourse.  See Terms of Service for curation guidelines.

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