The Massachusetts Senate is the upper house of the Massachusetts General Court, the bicameral state legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Senate comprises 40 elected members from 40 single-member senatorial districts in the state. All but one of the districts are named for the counties in which they are located (the “Cape and Islands” district covers Dukes, Nantucket, and parts of Barnstable counties). Senators serve two-year terms, without term limits.[1] The Senate convenes in the Massachusetts State House, in Boston.

The current session is the 192nd General Court, which convened January 6, 2021. It consists of 37 Democrats and 3 Republicans. The President of the Senate is Karen E. Spilka of Ashland. The Senate Minority Leader, from the Republican Party, is Bruce Tarr of Gloucester. The last state general election was on November 3, 2020.


The following are the qualifications to be elected to the Massachusetts Senate:[2]

  • Be eighteen years of age
  • Be a registered voter in Massachusetts
  • Be an inhabitant of Massachusetts for five years
  • Be a resident of the district when elected
  • Receive a least 300 signatures on nomination papers

Recent party control

Democrats hold a supermajority in the Senate.


(Shading indicates majority caucus)
189th General Court346400
190th General Court
191st General Court
192nd General Court373
September 9, 2021[3]36391
January 20, 2022[4]37400
Latest voting share93%8%

Current leadership


President of the SenateKaren E. SpilkaKaren E. Spilka.jpgSecond Middlesex and NorfolkDemocratic
Majority LeaderCynthia Stone CreemCynthia S. Creem.jpgFirst Middlesex and Norfolk
President pro temporeWilliam N. BrownsbergerWilliam N. Brownsberger.jpgSecond Suffolk and Middlesex
Senate President EmeritaHarriette L. ChandlerHarriette L. Chandler.jpgFirst Worcester
Assistant Majority LeaderJoan B. LovelyJoan Lovely.jpgSecond Essex
Michael J. BarrettMichael J Barrett.jpgThird Middlesex
Sal N. DiDomenicoSal DiDomenico.jpgMiddlesex and Suffolk
Senate Majority WhipMichael F. RushMike Rush.jpgNorfolk and Suffolk
Assistant Majority WhipJulian CyrJulian Cyr.jpgCape and Islands
Senate Ways and Means ChairMichael J. RodriguesMichael Rodrigues.jpgFirst Bristol and Plymouth
Minority LeaderBruce E. TarrBruce-tarr.jpgFirst Essex and MiddlesexRepublican
Assistant Minority LeaderRyan C. FattmanRyan Fattman.jpgWorcester and Norfolk
Patrick M. O’ConnorPlymouth & Norfolk State Senator Patrick M. O'Connor.pngPlymouth and Norfolk


The current standing committees of the Massachusetts Senate are as follows:

CommitteeChairVice ChairRanking Minority
Bills in the Third ReadingSal N. DiDomenicoJoan B. LovelyBruce E. Tarr
EthicsEric P. LesserCynthia Stone CreemPatrick M. O’Connor
Global Warming and Climate ChangeCynthia Stone CreemMichael J. BarrettPatrick M. O’Connor
Intergovernmental AffairsMichael F. RushAdam G. HindsPatrick M. O’Connor
Personnel and AdministrationBrendan P. CrightonPatrick M. O’Connor
Post Audit and OversightMichael O. MooreJames B. EldridgeRyan C. Fattman
Reimagining Massachusetts Post-Pandemic ResiliencyAdam G. HindsJason M. LewisPatrick M. O’Connor
RedistrictingWilliam N. BrownsbergerAnne M. GobiBruce E. Tarr
RulesJoan B. LovelyRyan C. Fattman
Steering and PolicyMark C. MontignyMichael J. RodriguesBruce E. Tarr
Ways and MeansMichael J. RodriguesCindy F. Friedman
Jason M. Lewis (Assistant Vice Chair)
Patrick M. O’Connor

Current districts and members

Past composition of the Senate

Composition by municipality in the 187th and 188th General Courts.
Composition by municipality in the 189th General Court and at the opening of 190th General Court.
Composition by municipality in the 190th General Court beginning on December 5, 2017.
Composition by municipality at the beginning of the 191st General Court.

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